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Tag: log4j2

Disable logging from log4j 2 library, how?

I’m using log4j 2 for logging and want to turn off the log messages from the library itself, e.g.: I got the following in my log4j2.XML file but I still get DEBUG messages like the one above: This question is not a duplicate of Disabling Log4J Output in Java because I don’t want to turn off all output, only the

log4j2 double dollar $$ sign meaning in configuration

I am reading the configuration part of Log4j2. What is the meaning of double $$ sign? e.g. $${sd:type}? Answer It seems that $ is used as an escape character. As stated in Log4J documentation, Log4j configuration file parser uses Apache Commons Lang’s StrSubstitutor, and this documentation for StrSubstitutor says: The other possibility is to use the escape character, by

Apache Log4j2 package specific logging using log4j2.xml

I am using log4j2. But the problem that I am facing is that it logs all logs. I want to … log from specific package to a specific file & other package to another file. I am using log4j2.xml for configuration. Please can someone help? log4j2.xml Answer Just answered the question. log4j2.xml Removed the <AppenderRef level=”DEBUG” ref=”fileAppender” /> from root

how to log only one level with log4j2?

I’m using log4j2 in my application. What I want is everything up to ‘debug’ to go to console, everything up to ‘info’ to go to myapp.log, and ONLY ‘info’ to go to ‘myapp-audit.log’. The reason is, INFO mostly consists of successful modifications to data (ex. ‘user created’, ‘user updated’, ‘user deleted’, and so on). If is effectively an audit log