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Tag: database

executeUpdate() returns always 1 with MERGE statement

ExecuteUpdate() is always returning 1. Pls suggest and appreciate any input. Procedure: Java code: stmt.executeUpdate() – always returns 1, even though insertion happens only once. Appreciate any inputs on this. Ideally, if there are no insertions or errors, it should return 0 or any exception trace. Pls, suggest.** Answer We can make the column a primary key. Now when multiple

Save a Resultset to an Array in java

I want to save the result of a whole Mysql table in an array it returns this to me from the database run: brandon Brandon Julio Daniel BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second) I want to save what is in the database in an array to be able to implement it with a sort and search method that’s why I

After trying to test connection to h2 database or connect whitelabel error occurs

After running Spring boot project and going to localhost:8080/h2-console and after trying to connect to my database I get whitelabel error when i click any button on h2-console screen. I am using in memory database. I am trying to connect to database with classic username:sa and password:(blank) Even after clicking Save i get whitelabel error application properties: pom xml: configure