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Looking for Java Multithreaded Client-Server chat application with database tutorial

Im trying to build a Java Multithreaded Client-Server chat application with a database. The database is to store username and password. I am able to build a basic Java Multithreaded Client-Server chat application, but have no idea how to create the database side. Ive found lots of downloadable source code but I’m looking for a tutorial so I can learn what to do. Ive become lost in all the return results from google as I cant seem to find a tutorial for exactly what I want, it’s possible I have come across one I need, but honestly I’m not 100% sure where to go. Just want to see if anyone knows a tutorial that covers this specific project. Thank you.



Unless it is for learning purposes, you probably do not want to build everything from scratch. And you will more likely find tutorials separated for client and for server.

  • Have a look at the client side – Smack XMPP.
  • Have a look at the server side – Openfire.

The nice thing about XMPP is you can swap client implementations and you can swap server implementations or connect them all to the same network, similar like email.

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