Confirmation of HTTP endpoint for SNS Subscribers

When I create a SNS topic using cloud formation and at the same time configure a HTTP endpoint it is possible that the HTTP endpoint might not be functional at that time. So is it possible to set the …

How to download GZip file from S3?

I have looked at both AWS S3 Java SDK – Download file help and Working with Zip and GZip files in Java. While they provide ways to download and deal with files from S3 and GZipped files respectively,…

Zookeeper error: Cannot open channel to X at election address

I have installed zookeeper in 3 different aws servers. The following is the configuration in all the servers tickTime=2000 initLimit=10 syncLimit=5 dataDir=/var/zookeeper clientPort=2181 server.1=x.x….

How to invalidate a file(to be refreshed) served from Cloudfront CDN via Java AWS SDK?

I am using Java SDK to uploaded images to S3, How do I invalidate a file in CloudFront so that it is refetched from s3 origin. How to do it via Java SDK ?

Invalid Availability Zone when creating Instance

I’m attempting to create instance on us-west-1c (though I get the same error when trying 1b, or any other AZ) and I’m getting this error: Caught Exception: Status Code: 400, AWS Service: AmazonEC2, …