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View’s getWidth() and getHeight() returns 0

I am creating all of the elements in my android project dynamically. I am trying to get the width and height of a button so that I can rotate that button around. I am just trying to learn how to work …

Wicket vs Vaadin

I am torn between Wicket and Vaadin. I am starting a micro-isv and need to make a choice of web framework. I have narrowed down my choices to Wicket and Vaadin. I have used both frameworks and I love them both. however I need to make a choice. If If I choose Vaadin: I wont have to worry much about

Automatically update jar files

I am currently working on desktop software based on java.It’s quite a big code base (more than 40 jar files). I wish to provide an automatic update functionality. The desktop software constantly checks one back end system to see if there are new versions of the jar files available. The problem now is: How to replace the updated jar files?

TableModelListener and multiple column validation

This is the first time for me to post here, so sorry if I made some mistake. I am working on a JTable which column data have to verify some parameters, for example: Column 3 values > 30 Column 4 values > 10 Column 5 values > 4 Also the first 2 columns are filled “automatically”, putting 0s in the