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Tag: user-interface

JUnit Tests for GUI in Java

I would like to write test cases for a GUI. I want to know how do you simulate a click of JButton, or how do you extract the elements of a JTable. For the purpose of this, I have built a simple GUI that increase the count by 1 if the button is clicked and the JTextfield is empty, but

What GUI libraries are the JetBrains using?

Background I am somewhat new to Java and am enjoying using IntelliJ IDE developed by the JetBrains team. I have downloaded the source for the Community Edition, and I am trying to work out what GUI libraries they are using to get the look-and-feel. Question What libraries (if any) are they using to get the non-native tabs, toolbars and breadcrumb

What is the best way to do GUIs in Clojure?

What is the best way to do GUIs in Clojure? Is there an example of some functional Swing or SWT wrapper? Or some integration with JavaFX declarative GUI description which could be easily wrapped to s-expressions using some macrology? Any tutorials? Answer I will humbly suggest Seesaw. Here’s a REPL-based tutorial that assumes no Java or Swing knowledge. Seesaw’s a