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Tag: spring-mvc

Why we shouldn’t make a Spring MVC controller @Transactional?

There are already a few questions about the topic, but no response at all really provides arguments in order to explain why we shouldn’t make a Spring MVC controller Transactional. See: Transaction not working correctly – Spring/MyBatis For web MVC Spring app should @Transactional go on controller or service? Making Spring 3 MVC controller method Transactional Spring MVC Controller Transactional

how to capture connection event in my webSocket server with Spring 4?

I did a simple web socket communication with spring 4,STOMP and sock.js, following this and this well, I want to know if is possible capture connection events like when a new client was connected to my server or when a client was disconnected, is that possible in Spring 4.0.0? Answer This an be done with a connection handshake

Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute while running java -jar

I have successfully built my Spring MVC project with mvn clean package by following this tutorial. Now I am trying to run the service with: But I get this error: Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from target/gs-serving-web-content-0.1.0.jar Am I missing something? Answer If you are working with Spring Boot this will solve your problem: Reference Guide | Spring Boot

How to return a text file with Spring MVC?

The string is generated inside the Controller. What I want is to send back to the user a Window where he can save a file which contains the myString. It clearly doesn’t work in this current state and I am stuck at the moment. Answer here is a sample: PS: don’t forget to put some random stuff in your url