How to apply spring security filter only on secured endpoints?

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I have the following Spring Security configuration:

            .addFilterBefore(authenticationTokenFilterBean(), UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class);

The authenticationTokenFilterBean() is applied even on endpoints that do not match /api/** expression. I also tried adding the following configuration code

public void configure(WebSecurity webSecurity) {

but this still did not solve my problem. How can I tell spring security to apply filters only on endpoints that match the secured URI expression? Thank you


I have an application with the same requirement and to solve it I basically restricted Spring Security to a given ant match patter (using antMatcher) as follows:

http.antMatcher("/api/**").authorizeRequests() //
        .anyRequest().authenticated() //
        .addFilterBefore(authenticationTokenFilterBean(), UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter.class);

You can read it as follows: for http only invoke these configurations on requests matching the ant pattern /api/** authorizing any request to authenticated users and add filter authenticationTokenFilterBean() before UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter. For all others requests this configuration has no effect.

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