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Getter, Setter & NullPointerException

Firstly, I am trying to assign the value for array I initialized locally. The class type of the array is stored inside another class and the variable is private so I am using getter and setter to set the value. But it showing “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException at room.Test.main(”, below is my code for the Below is the

Can a object be private and public?

Can a reference to an object be private in class while other object can have a public reference to the same class(post script: new to java+ a simple example please). I read somewhere that this prob is regarding aliasing? Sorry my title may not make sense! Answer Objects aren’t private or public. Fields can be private or public. Fields can

What is the use of a private static variable in Java?

If a variable is declared as public static varName;, then I can access it from anywhere as ClassName.varName. I am also aware that static members are shared by all instances of a class and are not reallocated in each instance. Is declaring a variable as private static varName; any different from declaring a variable private varName;? In both cases it

Change private static final field using Java reflection

I have a class with a private static final field that, unfortunately, I need to change it at run-time. Using reflection I get this error: java.lang.IllegalAccessException: Can not set static final boolean field Is there any way to change the value? Answer Assuming no SecurityManager is preventing you from doing this, you can use setAccessible to get around private and

groovy call private method in Java super class

I have an abstract Java class MyAbstractClass with a private method. There is a concrete implementation MyConcreteClass. In my groovy test class I have I get an error that there is no such method signature for somePrivateMethod. I know groovy can call private methods but I’m guessing the problem is that the private method is in the super class, not