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Tag: opengl-es

Can’t write to GL_RGBA32UI FBO texture on OpenGL ES

I have two GL_RGBA32UI FBO textures, which I use to store current state of particle positions/velocities per texel. The first I fill with data like this only once: Per render loop the second one is written to via a shader while the first is used as texture and the second as target. I do that by drawing a quad of

OpenGL ES rotating shape around its center

I tried to rotate rectangle using rotateMatrix, following tutorial on, but when I runned it, the rectangle is rotating around (I think) point 0,0. What do I need to change to make it rotate around it’s center? Answer If you want to rotate around a pivot you have to: Translate the object so that the pivot point is moved

Problem with texture not showing in screen. OpenGL ES

I am newbie in opengl es 2 programming, I was trying to load a texture in png format in my test application. I used PNGDecoder to do this, but just the black rectangle and the line are show in the screen. What is wrong? Renderer: Fragment Shader: Vertex Shader: Square2D (is used to store vertex positions): Answer glVertexAttribPointer can be