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Execute query with MySQL GET_LOCK function in Hibernate

My application uses Hibernate as ORM. I am trying to execute few mysql locking function within my application like GET_LOCK, IS_FREE_LOCK, RELEASE_LOCK ( However I am running into following issue: Here is my Dao code: I am not sure how to execute locking functions using Hibernate. Any help/pointer is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Answer I found the problem. It was

UnsupportedOperationException with DriverManager.getConnection() on Android

I am unable to connect JDBC to my database, getting following error Answer According to the stacktrace, the MySQL Connector/J version you are using is using a java.util.regex.Matcher feature not supported on Android (probably named groups). The workaround is to use a 5.1.x version of MySQL Connector/J instead of a 8.0.x version. However, you shouldn’t use JDBC from Android applications.

Insert data when selecting a dropdown option, MySQL, JAVA, JSP

well my english is not so good, but i will try to explain me, I have a question about how to make an INSERT query when selecting an option from my dropdown, I explain myself, I have a section to insert a user on my website, and an option to select a profile enter image description here It should be


I’m trying to generate this simple SQL with JOOQ and for some reason I can’t get it done. I want the following code to be generated for MySQL databases. CREATE TABLE T ( F DATETIME ); I expected …