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Apache Ignite 2.11.0 :: Missing ignite-spring-tx-ext in maven repository

We are trying to upgrading from 2.9.1 to 2.11.0 and we have already using org.apache.ignite.transactions.spring.SpringTransactionManager which is now not available in core lib, when we checked docs its suggesting to use ignite-spring-tx-ext. But when we used that in pom.xml, its repository dose not exist in Maven repository. Can some please help us how to solve this. Answer Starting from

How to fix Ignite performance issues?

We use Ignite 2.7.6 in both server and client modes: two server and six clients. At first, each app node with client Ignite inside had 2G heap. Each Ignite server node had 24G offheap and 2G heap. …