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Apache Ignite 2.11.0 :: Missing ignite-spring-tx-ext in maven repository

We are trying to upgrading from 2.9.1 to 2.11.0 and we have already using org.apache.ignite.transactions.spring.SpringTransactionManager which is now not available in core lib, when we checked docs its suggesting to use ignite-spring-tx-ext. But when we used that in pom.xml, its repository dose not exist in Maven repository. Can some please help us how to solve this.


Starting from Ignite 2.11 several modules have been extracted from the core repository and moved into a separate ignite-extensions project, including Apache Ignite Spring Transactions with its own release cycle.

Unfortunately, I can’t see any signs of a new ignite-extensions release (there is only 1.0.0) meaning that only Apache Ignite core project was updated. I suppose for now you have to wait for the new ignite-extensions release or use Ignite 2.10.