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Get element value from a POJO List

I have the following POJO. And I create new indexes in the POJO my adding it. How can I have access to any index element once created? How I would be able to access the 3rd element from 3rd row? Answer First go to the 3rd element, then go the specific field that you want to access. in this case.

Using set and get methods in java

In my programming class, the teacher said we have to implement a class and use get methods but did not mention set methods in the description. Are they always used or should be used together? This is what I’ve written so far: Answer No, setters are not needed at all when implementing immutable classes/objects: Don’t provide “setter” methods — methods

use getter to pass value failed in java

I am a beginner there are two classes that I want to use getter to pass the value of the field from another class. Therefore, I did something like this How do getters and setters work? But it didn’t …

Lombok getter/setter vs Java 14 record

I love project Lombok but in these days I’m reading and trying some of the new features of java 14. Inside the new capability, there is the record keyword that allows creating a class with already built-in the following functionality: constructor, private final fields, accessors, equals/hashCode, getters, toString methods. Now my question is: is better to rely on the feature

Jackson Not Overriding Getter with @JsonProperty

JsonProperty isn’t overriding the default name jackson gets from the getter. If I serialize the class below with ObjectMapper and jackson I get As you can see the JsonProperty annotation has no effect Putting @JsonProperty on the String itself doesn’t work either. The only way it seems that I can change the name is by renaming the getter, the only