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Android ENOENT with some files

I use a Intent to get pictures path and open them into a File. I can open files allocated in “Camera” folder like “/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/IMG_20160817_232858.jpg”, but I cannot open files in locations like “/storage/emulated/0/Pictures/1634894_.png”. Using file.exists() it just says that it doesn’t. Need to say that I’m using API 23 and I request READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, so this souldn`t be a problem… But

Different results reading file with Files.newBufferedReader() and constructing readers directly

It seems that Files.newBufferedReader() is more strict about UTF-8 than the naive alternative. If I create a file with a single byte 128—so, not a valid UTF-8 character—it will happily be read if I construct an BufferedReader on an InputStreamReader on the result of Files.newInputStream(), but with Files.newBufferedReader() an exception is thrown. This code has this result: Is this documented?

Remove hardcoded file path from java program

I have created a simple java program in which I create a text file and read the data written in it. The problem is that I don’t want to hardcode the path of the file because after developing the application I created a installer package for my program which allows users to install it on their systems. Now the problem

Using Java nio to create a subdirectory and file

I’m creating a simple program that will try to read in “conf/conf.xml” from disk, but if this file or dir doesn’t exist will instead create them. I can do this using the following code: My questions is if this really the most elegant way to do this? It seems superflous to need to create two Paths simple to create a

Java Fastest way to read through text file with 2 million lines

Currently I am using scanner/filereader and using while hasnextline. I think this method is not highly efficient. Is there any other method to read file with the similar functionality of this? Answer You will find that BufferedReader.readLine() is as fast as you need: you can read millions of lines a second with it. It is more probable that your string

Java fileOutputStream

I have been looking around but could not find what I need. I am writing a simple code to save some strings into a .txt file. I am using: When I do this the .txt is succesfully created and save the info I need to save, BUT it save all in 1 single huge line. How I can save it

Read directory inside JAR with InputStreamReader

So, this question has been asked a million times i believed and I’ve been reading them for a couple of hours and trying several options given by some people but none of them work for me. I want to list all the files inside a directory inside the application’s JAR, so in IDE this works: That gives me all the

Load a file from src folder into a reader

I would like to know how can I load a file lol.txt from src folder into my close method. The code so far: Console error output on initiation: Answer If you like to load the file from inside a jar file (i.e. from classpath) please see this answer for more options on how to get an InputStream. In the code