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JPQL query that give me the highest value

I’m trying to do a JPQL query that give me the highest PK of the PKs in my table ( Here is my query : The error says that the syntax of my query is wrong. Can someone please help me ? Thank you for your help 🙂 Answer Thank you for your comments ! It allowed me to solve

JPA/EclipseLink Error in Creating Tables

I am trying to create a table using EclipseLink. The java class being used is :- The relevant persistence xml in question is as follows:- We use the standard method is by implementing the EntityManagerFactory as :- However I keep getting the following errors :- EL Warning]: 2017-04-07 14:04:53.768–ServerSession(1650327539)–Exception [EclipseLink-4002] (Eclipse Persistence Services – 2.6.3.v20160428-59c81c5): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.DatabaseException Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904:

How to use Postgres JSONB datatype with JPA?

Im not finding a way to map the JSON and JSONB datatypes from PostgreSQL using JPA (EclipseLink). Is some one using this datatypes with JPA and can give me some working examples? Answer All the answers helped me to reach the final solution that is ready for JPA and not EclipseLink or Hibernate specifically.

Cleaning up after changing the isolation level in JPA / EclipsLink EntityManager

I’m performing a transaction in JPA (EclipseLink) using a custom transaction isolation level, which I set on the underlying connection of the JPA EntityManager using this code: If I try to reset the isolation level to the old value after having committed the transaction, the underlying connection is null (entityManager.unwrap(Connection.class) returns null). I’m worried, if I just don’t reset the

Is EclipseLink MOXy suitable for ridiculously huge XML files?

I’ve spent some enjoyable time with EclipseLink MOXy, figuring out the best way to parse XML into POJOs within Spring. I’ve now been given some XML to parse, and the files go up to a quite unbelievably 750MiB in size. Does EclipseLink MOXy use streaming tech underneath, or will it try to hold the whole document in memory? Answer Note:

How to set application name with JPA (EclipseLink)?

hello everybody i am using JPA with EclipseLink and oracle as DB and i need to set the property v$session of jdbc4 it allows to set an identification name to the application for auditing purposes but i had no lucky setting it up….i have been trying through entitiyManager following the example in this page: it does not show any