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Tag: clickhouse

Clickhouse jdbc driver connection issue

We are trying to connect to a clickhouse server using jdbc drivers. Our code snippet is in scala and would not be much different in java We get the following error : We went through a few other pages mentioning the same error and in keeping with the advice there, we used the latest version of the driver (0.3.1-patch). We

Kafka Connect Error : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/http/conn/HttpClientConnectionManager

I’m using docker with kafka and clickhouse. I want to connect ‘KsqlDB table’ and ‘clickhouse’ using ‘kafka connect’. So I referred to this document and modified ‘docker composite’. here is my docker-compose And This is Dockerfile-kafka-connect And I typed this command in ‘KsqlDB’. (‘S3_FINAL’ topic has AVRO format for both multi-key and values.) And It doesn’t work. So I read

How to parse a Clickhouse-SQL statement using ANTRL4?

Objective : Add an additional WHERE clause to any given Clickhouse statement. I’m using the following Antlr grammars to generate Java classes for a lexer & parser. Lexer grammar Parser grammar Problem : I cannot figure out/understand how to interact or create the appropriate POJOs for use with the generated classes that Antlr produces. Example of statement Goal