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Tag: backend

My repository in my spring-boot application is returning null

Hey I am pretty new to using the Spring Framework and was just trying to get an application to work for practice but I am getting the following error in my stack trace: Cannot invoke “com.gabriel.schoolapp.repository.UsersRepo.findAll()” because “this.usersRepo” is null This is my model layer for the Users: This is my repository layer: And this is my service layer: Whenever

Java Scheduler to Mail

Given that I have two scheduled component classes uploading files respectively. I created a sending email method for each of them in order to send a reminder email to myself in case any uploading exceptions happened. the flow like this: Scheduler One — if exception during uploading —> sending a email after exception Scheduler Two — if exception during uploading

When developing the back-end, do you want to believe that the front-end data will not go out of scope, and reduce some data verification

In the scenario where the front-end and back-end are separated and developed, what the back-end does is to receive the data transmitted by the front-end, perform corresponding processing, and finally return the processing result information. So, for the data sent by the front end (whether it is Get or Post), do we want to be sure that it will not

How can I find email addresses on other sites by entering a domain address?

Using Java, for example, when I search with the domain name “”, can I find domain-related mails on different sites? Mar 5, 2022 Feb 25, 2022 Feb 20, 2022 Jan 26, 2022 Nov 22, 2021 Nov 22, 2021 Nov 15, 2021 Oct 27, 2021 Aug 7, 2020 REMOVED Aug 7,