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Tag: scheduler

Java Scheduler to Mail

Given that I have two scheduled component classes uploading files respectively. I created a sending email method for each of them in order to send a reminder email to myself in case any uploading exceptions happened. the flow like this: Scheduler One — if exception during uploading —> sending a email after exception Scheduler Two — if exception during uploading

Spring Boot StackOverFlowError : Null

I have a problem when I want save repository by foreach loop . By Foreach loop user come and save it to another entity User.class public class Attendance { } User.class This is user class of User Entity Error show :: java.lang.StackOverflowError: null Answer Mixing what I saw in your code and what you said in comments I found the

Scheduler not running in Spring Boot

I have created a Spring Boot application. I have configured my class that contains the scheduler method startService(). Below is my code : Service Class : Main Class : I have annotated the class as @Component and also method as @Scheduled(fixedRate = 30000) that will running as a scheduler. But while running the application as Spring Boot the scheduler does

Java Scheduler Thread Switching

I’ve read somewhere that in Java scheduler, thread switching happens after execution of certain amount of instructions and not after a certain time (like schedulers used in operating systems). But the references were missing. I wanted to know if this is correct. Answer Java used to have a feature called GreenThreads, It was removed in 1.3. For all practical purposes