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Tag: wear-os

Controlling Media on phone from WearOS Watch

Is it possible to make an app like the media controller app that WearOS comes with yourself? Im asking because I want to design my own watch face that has media controls on it. There is a surprising lack of online documentation and people with this same question about this, which makes me think this is impossible to do. Ive

Wear OS onKeyDown not firing for Ticwatch E

I have a Ticwatch E connected using ADB and I’m viewing the logcat. There is only one button on this device but when I press it, my onKeyDown method does not fire. I’ve been reading the Android documentation on Physical buttons, and have followed what they have specified. Here is my code: My stackoverflow searching uncovered this: Android wear activity

How to send data to Android Wear TileService

I don’t really know, how to feed my Wear OS tiles with data. Currently, I am experimenting with receiving my heart rate from a BroadcastReceiver, which works but my value is always 0 inside onTileRequest. This is my TileService… This is what I get… As you see onTileRequest is always 0. Maybe it’s because onCreate gets called too whenever onTileRequest