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Why? Status: App not accepted into Wear OS on Google Play

So I been trying to get my first Wear Os watch face published But when I submit I keep it keeps getting rejected. I only lightly changed the Sample Android studio provides nothing much changed but the background and the way the hands move. I keep getting this. I really do not know why it keeps getting rejected. I make sure it works for both square and round wear OS. I keep getting this message

Step 1: Fix the eligibility issue with your app

During review, we detected the following eligibility issue and were unable to accept your app for Wear OS:

The basic functionality of your app does not work as described in App Bundle

  1. Wear OS functionality should work as expected or as described in the app’s Google Play Store listing. Please make sure to test your app on a variety of Wear OS devices and configurations.

For example, Hours and Minutes hands are not placed in the center of the watch face on Square Device. as shown/described on the store listing.

I really don’t know what to do because I have appealed twice. I asked is it because I am moving the arrows differently. I get the same generic response.


Thank you all for the questions and comments. I did test the application on sq watches. And same results I got. Things started changing when I added a circle into the middle of the screen and that ended up being allowed as center. I have no idea why that would matter I knew it was already centered. Thanks all.