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Google Play Console: ‘Your app signing key’s encryption strength does not meet Google Play’s recommended minimum standard’

I enrolled my apps in ‘Google Play Signing’. Now I see in the console the following message: I thought that it is due the fact that all my apps were initially signed with the same release key (that I uploaded to Google Play Console during the enrolling procedure to Google Play Signing). So I thought that Google Play sees that

ARCore: How to make my app available on GPlay only to devices that support Depth API?

I have an app that uses Depth API. As mentioned here: Depth API is not supported by all devices that support ARCore. How can I specify in my Manifest (or elsewhere) that my app requires a device compatible with Depth API ? Indeed, I don’t want to see my app to be downloaded by users who can’t use it!

Unsafe implementation of the interface X509TrustManager – Google Play

When I try to upload an application to google play, I get a message. “Unsafe implementation of the interface x509trustmanager”. In a message from Google Play it says: To avoid problems when validating the SSL certificate, change the code of the checkServerTrusted method in the X509TrustManager interface so that a CertificateException or IllegalArgumentException is thrown when it detects suspicious certificates.

Extract statistics from google play

I’m building some statistics and would like to have the statistics from google play (the app store) as well. Information like most popular, downloads, price, etc. Does anyone know if there is an API for this or do I have to scrape it myself? Answer There’s a project called android-market-api Start from there. Look at App definition there