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Not able to dynamically set the setVisibility() parameter

I am trying to set the visibility for a button as follows: But I am getting the error: while calling I don’t know how to get around this. I understand that it’s expecting a given set of values but all I know is to pass an int to it. What can be done here? Answer When you know what you’re

how to add button click event in android studio

So I have done some research, and after defining you button as an object by the code here is my problem then your OnClick() event… Problem: When I type in the “this”, it says: I have no idea why? here is the code from the .java file Answer SetOnClickListener (Android.View.view.OnClickListener) in View cannot be applied to (com.helloandroidstudio.MainActivity) This means in

Does JPA support mapping to sql views?

I’m currently using Eclipselink, but I know now days most JPA implementations have been pretty standardized. Is there a native way to map a JPA entity to a view? I am not looking to insert/update, but the question is really how to handle the @Id annotation. Every entity in the JPA world must have an ID field, but many of