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Tag: sdk

Deploying Solana Smart Contracts In Java

Can we create smart contracts in Java Programming Language In Solana? I have been studying about it and saw Rust, C and C++ languages. Can we do it in Java? Answer You cannot write smart contacts in Java on Solana. Only Rust and C are supported at this time. You can send transactions using the java SDK though.

LibreOffice SDK read formula result

I am using the LibreOffice SDK to create a Java program that reads data from a Calc spreadsheet. One of the cells has a formula in it that returns text (i.e. not a numeric/double value). XCell.getFormula() returns the actual formula (“=I6”), rather than the result (“my text”). I have looked at the LibreOffice SDK API, and it appears that XCell.getValue()

AWS SDK for java 1.7

I am trying to access a aws webservice here I have lambda expression, but my project is in java 7, So I want to convert this code to normal method. final Unmarshaller<ApiGatewayResponse, …