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SSL for JMX with RMI

We have a Java application which has had a JConsole connection with password authentication for a while. In improving the security of this, we are trying to encrypt the connection made from JConsole to the application. Up until now, we have launched our application with the following launch command: With this, we can flawlessly access the JMX methods of MyApplication

Is it possible to run RMI server in tomcat?

I have two tomact instances, running on Tomcat 7 (call it tomcat 1, tomcat 2). I need to arrange distributed computation. The server tomcat 1 should invoke some method on tomcat 2’s VM. Is it even possible to do? I know that Tomcat is a servlet container. Does it support such things? Answer Yes, it is possible, but you don’t

Rmiregistry vs LDAP

I have recently discovered the Java RMI API and I am using the Rmiregistry to store and get the remote objects. Then, I saw that we can use LDAP to do this task. I was interseted by this approach but …

IntelliJ Idea IDE using port 1099

I’m using IntelliJ Idea Community Edition IDE and I’m trying to run a Maven WebApp with Jetty by command line. I’m on a RedHat box I run this command: And I get this error: The funny thing is that when I close IntelliJ Idea, the 1099 port is released. I can’t find the reason why and how Idea is using

java RMI – unexpected error

I have been working on to create a sample RMI project for a while and having difficulty with the following error for a few hours now. If anyone of you can point me towards my mistake, I will be grateful. I will be posting the trimmed code with the error. Thanks in advance for your time. .policy The