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Tag: reactive-programming

Use case of Flux and Mono

I am new to world of Flux and Monos, and recently, while using the findAll() method, I realized that this method is capable of returning partial responses , i.e via the Flux , and I need to do append …

Mono vs CompletableFuture

CompletableFuture executes a task on a separate thread ( uses a thread-pool ) and provides a callback function. Let’s say I have an API call in a CompletableFuture. Is that an API call blocking? Would the thread be blocked till it does not get a response from the API? ( I know main thread/tomcat thread will be non-blocking, but what

Backpressure mechanism in Spring Web-Flux

I’m a starter in Spring Web-Flux. I wrote a controller as follows: I know one of the reactive benefits is Backpressure, and it can balance the request or the response rate. I want to realize how to have backpressure mechanism in Spring Web-Flux. Answer Backpressure in WebFlux In order to understand how Backpressure works in the current implementation of the