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Tag: spring-webclient

Does the use of Spring Webflux’s WebClient in a blocking application design cause a larger use of resources than RestTemplate

I am working on several spring-boot applications which have the traditional pattern of thread-per-request. We are using Spring-boot-webflux to acquire WebClient to perform our RESTful integration between the applications. Hence our application design requires that we block the publisher right after receiving a response. Recently, we’ve been discussing whether we are unnecessarily spending resources using a reactive module in our

spring-webflux : How to Extract user defined object from Mono or Flux from the response without blocking?

getUserDetails Method returns Mono of Type JsonNode. But I Actually want to return a Mono<> or Flux<>. please help modifying getBulkUserInfo or getUserDetails to get the Mono<> or Flux<> But The json response from the Url is something like I tried different ways but nothing worked subscribe() and .doOnNext(resp -> resp.get(“resultholder”).get(“profiles”).get(“profileholder”).get(“user”)) Answer This is pretty straightforward and there is no

Webclient sending request body with get request

I have a spring-boot project called carrental-crud with an h2 memory database, and I want to access one of the endpoints from another project called carrental-api. I use webClientBuilder for this on my other endpoints, but it is throwing status 500 with bad request when I try using it in postman. I use JPArepository to access the h2 db with

Disable Spring Boot Webclient logs

I want to build a simple Spring Web Client who send message from stdin but the WebClient show all debug informations on stdout. How to disable the logs generated by Webclient ? Code of the client Answer you can customize your logs as you want. as the image you mention, Go to the put logger values to disable as