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Tag: operators

Mixing short-circuit operators with other operators

Assume the following expression: } The output is 0. I understand short-circuit operators, in that the right-hand side of || would not execute because the left-hand side evaluates to true. However, ++ takes precedence over short-circuit logical operators, so shouldn’t the ++ operator evaluate before the logical operator is evaluated? Note: I probably would not need to do this in

Lambda expresions and “? :” operator in Java 14

Good day to everyone, I have a question regarding the usage of the ? : operator in the lambda expressions, especially in the switch statements. Could you kindly clarify, why the below code would not work and will be marked as Not a statement And the next one will. Is there a way to use the ? : operator in

Negate unary operator in Hibernate QL

I’m trying to switch boolean field using the following hql: Unfortunately “QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: not near…” was thrown. My question is: is there some unary operator for hibernate that supports such expression? Or any well known trick? sql supports such queries (postgresql): Answer I would just use a native SQL query for this.