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Tag: number-formatting

How to print formatted BigDecimal values?

I have a BigDecimal field amount which represents money, and I need to print its value in the browser in a format like $123.00, $15.50, $0.33. How can I do that? (The only simple solution which I see myself is getting floatValue from BigDecimal and then using NumberFormat to make two-digit precision for the fraction part). Answer It will use

How to format decimals in a currency format?

Is there a way to format a decimal as following: If it is a round number, omit the decimal part. Otherwise format with two decimal places. Answer I doubt it. The problem is that 100 is never 100 if it’s a float, it’s normally 99.9999999999 or 100.0000001 or something like that. If you do want to format it that way,