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Tag: netbeans-8 fail to connect to localhost/ 8080): connect failed:ECONNREFUSED….(Codename One App)

After building an android application, I scanned the generated QRcode and install the application on galaxy s4 successfully. But when I try to do some search using the app I got the following exception: Please check the attached picture for more clarity. The app works correctly on the simulator. I OFF the firewall of my system but that doesn’t solve

increasing heap size in netbeans.conf file

I was reading in netbeans 6, you don’t have to set the maximum heap size, it will just look at your computer for that information. My system has 8 gigs of ram, but my application only has 64mb to play with and it is running out of memory. I did a: System.out.println(Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()); And it is 66 650 112 bytes (63.5625