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Advertisement fail to connect to localhost/ 8080): connect failed:ECONNREFUSED….(Codename One App)

After building an android application, I scanned the generated QRcode and install the application on galaxy s4 successfully. But when I try to do some search using the app I got the following exception:

 " fail to connect to localhost/ 8080): connect failed: ECONNREFUSED…." 

Please check the attached picture for more clarity.

The app works correctly on the simulator. I OFF the firewall of my system but that doesn’t solve the issue. Please how can I solve this problem?

This issue applies to: NetBeans 8.0.2, GlassFish Server 4.1, Windows 7, Device: Samsung Galaxy S4

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It looks like you’re trying to connect to localhost in your URL.

This probably works fine using the simulator, but you’ll need to use an IP address or better yet a resolvable host name in your URL when you run the app in production.

Try changing your URL in this way. You can test for connectivity by using your phone’s web browser, for example enter a URL (not using localhost!) of your web service in the browser and see what happens.

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