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Codename One images not loading

The image(s) is in the “src” folder. Everything was working fine, until this morning I keep getting a black screen when I run the simulator with “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: stream == null!” Answer You can’t let the exception bubble since the method is a callback and this is a checked exception. But add Log.e(e) into the catch block. NEVER do a blank

regEx codenameon

i’m working in the last part of my project in java i used pattern regExp for email and password verification and now i tried to use them in codenameone but it didn’t work maybe it’s because of the syntaxe or the import i searched but i found noting here’s the pattern i declared and i called it like this but

codename one container with action listener

I am developing my first mobile App with Codename One. I am trying to get a container to react to an normal click action event. I have a container (note this is not a swing container, but a codename one container), which contains list elements in a box Y_axis layout that is scrollable. so far so good. these elements are fail to connect to localhost/ 8080): connect failed:ECONNREFUSED….(Codename One App)

After building an android application, I scanned the generated QRcode and install the application on galaxy s4 successfully. But when I try to do some search using the app I got the following exception: Please check the attached picture for more clarity. The app works correctly on the simulator. I OFF the firewall of my system but that doesn’t solve