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Tag: mybatis

How to implement configuration to use oracle/postgreSQL dataSource with spring+mybatis framework?

Background: spring + mybatis + oracle data source Requirement: support postgreSQL data source exchange with minimum code change Example: Current: controllerA -> ServiceA -> daoA -> A.xml (oracle) Now need: we can configure use oracele/postgreSQL database source If configure use postgreSQL: controllerA -> ServiceA -> daoA -> A.xml (postgreSQL) More: Same controllerA、ServiceA for same business logic Differenct DaoA、A.xml for oracle

How to not persist sqlSession.selectOne returned value?

My goal is to not persist the SqlSession.selectOne returned value. The problem is, if you do a sqlSession.selectOne (using an API endpoint) and then you edit the database directly for example using the MySQL workbench. After you edit the database and do another API endpoint request, the returned value will not change. This is how you recreate the problem: Do

Mapping java.lang.String type to Postgres JSON Type

My question is related to the following question Mapping postgreSQL JSON column to Hibernate value type and although the answer works when I test passing a string to psql in postgres it doesn’t work when passing a string from my Java code. I am using MyBatis to map sql to the postgres database via Spring injection. Here is my Java