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Tag: junit

Mocking Instance with deep stubs

I want to mock a lazy injection with deep stubs using: But myClassInstance.get().myMethod() results in a NullPointerException because myClassInstance.get() returns null instead of a mock. Is this an unsupported feature or am I doing something wrong? I’m using junit-jupiter 5.9.0 and mockito-junit-jupiter 4.6.1. Answer This is a result of erasure of generic types. Mockito does not have access to the

Junit5 Parameterized Test LifeCycle. why @BeforeAll and static block run after all the tests

I am posting a simple code below, why does @BeforeAll annotated method and static block run after the Parameterized tests? How do I register a common object or Database connection in this case before loading the Parameterized test in Junit5 or leverage the functionality of @BeforeAll or static block. (FYI: The equivalent code for Parameterized test in Junit4 runs static

Mockito expecting argument mismatch

I’m writing a Unit test with JUnit 4 and Mockito 4.6.1. I’m mocking an interface method with a specific input value. When a different value is passed, I’m expecting an argument mismatch error, but it’s not being thrown. Consider the following example: I’m mocking SomeInterface.test(true) to return 1. This works as expected. Now when I call mock.test(false), I’m expecting an

How to run mock server tests in isolation?

I have these two mock server tests. When I launch these, the second test fail because the two tests are not launched in isolation. The mocking of the HTTP call in the first method isn’t override in the second method. Is there a Mock Server property or a JUnit property to run these two tests in isolation ? Answer At

Use H2 as test DB in JUnit5

I’m developing an app in Spring Boot. I use a PostreSQL DB for production, and I want my JUnit 5 tests to run on a H2 memory DB. Problem is, after some configuration, the tests still don’t seem to run on the in-memory db: I can access entities from the prod db (a saved entity doesn’t persist in the prod

assertAll a list of booleans

There is a list of pages that can be accessed by a user. The verifyAccess has a function that returns true/false depending on which page the user is trying to access. For example – look for the profile IMG locator on a profile page, the Logout button on the logout page, and so on … I am using below imports

Karate: runners class with JUnit5

sorry for the naive question: What are the references to “sample” and “tags” in the example documentation that explains the configuration of tests with Junit5? Are these features? Thanks Answer Yes, it tries to be more concise instead of sample.feature etc. Refer the docs: