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Tag: jsonschema

Java multi-schema generator using annotations

I have a series of inter-related Java classes which form a super-set of possible schema. I’m looking for some way to annotate/tag individual fields such that I can create separate JSON schema for each ‘namespace’. A simple example: Output would have separate Alice and Bob schema, where Alice has a and b, and Bob has b and c. My current

jsonschema and date type

I’m just getting started with jsonschema and an example under “Using jsonschema2pojo within your Java project (embedded)” in having in mind data types of jsonschema listed here my schema object can be described as unfortunately a generated Pojo object will be has a member “displayDate” of a type Object instead of expected Date. Why? Answer date is not

How to load JSON Schema file from java

My Project is a maven project and inside resources folder – src/main/resources folder I have a json schema file – “jsonschema.json ” package : src/main/resources file : jsonschema.json Now i want to validate my jsonobject with json schema How to load the schema.json file in to the code : Is the below line correct? Answer This may help you Place