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How to load JSON Schema file from java

My Project is a maven project and inside resources folder – src/main/resources folder I have a json schema file – “jsonschema.json “

package : src/main/resources
file : jsonschema.json

Now i want to validate my jsonobject with json schema

How to load the schema.json file in to the code :

Is the below line correct?

JsonNode schema = JsonLoader.fromResource("/jsonschema.json");  // correct? or correct me
JsonNode data = JsonLoader.fromString(jsonData);
ProcessingReport report = validator.validate(schema, data);



This may help you
Place jsonschema file on project root directory or in resource and read schema using normal file read and store it in variable say str

     booleab isValidRequest=false;
     String     requestData; // data to validate
     String str; //schema 

            JsonNode requestDataJsonNode = com.github.fge.jackson.JsonLoader.fromString(requestData);       
            final JsonNode schemaNode = JsonLoader.fromString(str);
           final JsonNode schemaNode=JsonLoader.fromResource("/jsonschema.json"); // for your query
            final JsonSchemaFactory factory = JsonSchemaFactory.byDefault();
            JsonValidator validator = factory.getValidator();        
            ProcessingReport processingReport=  validator.validate(schemaNode, requestDataJsonNode); 
            } catch (Exception e) {

If You are getting exception while executing the program. add dependencies listed in below [link]

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