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Tag: google-cloud-pubsub

How to publish a Pub/Sub message with a Supplier bean?

I want to publish a Pub/Sub message in Spring according to the Google documentation (see The only problem is that I am new to Spring Framework and I have no idea of how to turn this example into something that I can use. That is, a method that allows me to send a specific message from a service to

org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException: Error creating bean with name ‘messageSender’

Error while trying to publish a message from spring boot to Google cloud platform pub/sub. I was trying to publish a message to the Google Cloud Platform pub/sub messaging queue. I was getting the following errors while trying to run the application.Please help. I was using only a single Java Class file. Thease are my dependencies(pom.xml) Please help. Thank you.

Ways to implement Google Pub Sub

I found these 3 ways for implementing messaging with Google Pub Sub: with client libraries with spring integration message channels and PubSubTemplate API without message channels but with PubSubTemplate API I want to understand the differences between them / when each is best to use and which would be useful for my case. I have to implement

Sending PubSub message manually in Dataflow

How can I send a PubSub message manually (that is to say, without using a PubsubIO) in Dataflow ? Importing (via Maven) google-cloud-dataflow-java-sdk-all 2.5.0 already imports a version of for which I was unable to find an easy way to send messages to a Pubsub topic (this version doesn’t, for instance, allow to manipulate Publisher instances, which is the