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Tag: functional-programming

Writing Content to a Text File with Currying

I’m trying to write to a text file using the above method by applying the concept of currying. The first lambda expression receives the file path as parameter and the second one takes in a String value that should be written to the text file. The write method receives a BiConsumer argument because data is written differently depending on the

How do I map a Comparator to a Comparator using a Function?

I have a comparator of type Comparator<Integer> and a function Function<Pair<Integer,?>,Integer> expressed as Pair::left (that returns an Integer). I need to obtain a comparator of type Comparator<Pair<Integer,?>>. If I wanted to simply map a function Function<T,U> to a resulting function Function<T,V> though a function Function<U,V> I could simply apply andThen() method like this: Is it possible to obtain Comparator<Pair<Integer,?>> in

how to fix the second parameter of a function with vavr?

Suppose I have a function which takes two parameter. I want to fix the second parameter and makes it a Function1<T1,R>. With Function2.apply(T1 t), I can only fix the first parameter, is there a way to fix the second parameter? Answer There’s no utility function built into vavr that does a partial application of the second argument. The available utility

Trying to mimic java functional interface

I am trying to mimic the java’s Function<T,R> by writing below code : when I am writing below code in andThen, it’s working fine (pointing to apply(T t) of interface) and perfectly chaining the other functional implementations But when writing below snippet, it’s falling into recursion, logically that’s correct , but why in snippet A, after.apply(apply(t)) is calling outer apply(T