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Tag: vavr

how to fix the second parameter of a function with vavr?

Suppose I have a function which takes two parameter. I want to fix the second parameter and makes it a Function1<T1,R>. With Function2.apply(T1 t), I can only fix the first parameter, is there a way to fix the second parameter? Answer There’s no utility function built into vavr that does a partial application of the second argument. The available utility

Serialize and Deserialize Java object having vavr list

I have a Java object with vavr list. When I serialize the object objectwriter.writeValueAsString(currentDossier) and print the values then in the JSON output I see, where remarks is a vavr list field inside the object. Now if I try to deserialize the same value into the object objectMapper.readValue(json, Customer.class) then I get error: Why is the seralized JSON text not