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How to filter a hashmap with specific conditions

I have the following initial hashmap: LatS=[59, 48, 59, 12, 48] LatD=[41, 42, 46, 42] EW=[W, W, W, W] NS=[N, N, N, N] LonM=[39, 23, 30, 48] State=[OH, SD, WA, MA] LatM=[5, 52, 35, 16] City=[Youngstown, Yankton, Yakima, Worcester] LonS=[0, 23, 36, 0] LonD=[80, 97, 120, 71] I want to filter the Hashmap using the method query that has the

Spring boot filter is ignored

I m trying to create a filter, but it is ignored Did I forget to do smth? Answer The problem was in the absent of pom dependency Instead the Filter was loaded from some java library and therefor compilation was successful (can be removed in module settings)

Remove a specific row from a 2D Array

Given a 2D array and a string, how can I remove a row which does not contain a specific string? So far, I created a nested for loop which iterates through the array, adding all adjacent elements(except the string itself) to an ArrayList. However, I do not want to include elements from rows that exclude the specified string. If the

How do I filter data in a restful way using Spring?

As the title says. I basically would love to do requests like Is there any ready spring way of achieving such? Something akin to the Page/Pageable mechanism would be great. If there is none I think I could implement it using Hibernate Criteria Queries & Argument Re-solvers. Basically allowing me to write my controllers like A custom Argument resolver would