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Bass Boost – JDA Lavaplayer

How would you create a bass boost command when you are using Lavaplayer with JDA (Java Discord API)? Have a command like !bassboost 0-100. Answer After hours of trying different things to get it to function correctly I ended up using a Lavaplayer EqualizerFactory. Firstly I copied these values from here then I created a new EqualizerFactory and added it

Javacord can’t be imported in minecraft plugin

How do I make a Minecraft spigot plugin that is at the same time a discord bot? the server thinks that the class org.javacord.api.DiscordApiBuilder doesn’t exists so cant load the plugin. I use Maven(eclipse) it says that the DiscordApiBuilder class isn’t defined, how do I import that jar? is it possible or i have to change the discord api? error: