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Count occurrences in 2D Array

I’m trying to count the occurrences per line from a text file containing a large amount of codes (numbers). Example of text file content: I want to compare a similar set of numbers that I get from a text field, for example: 9107,4405,2387,4499 The only result I’m looking for, is if it contains more than 2 numbers (per line) from

Count the number of “trues” for n booleans

I would like to count the number of trues, each result should have its own associated action. Maybe something like: Any idea of how to write the getResult method body a pretty way? In the example, I used only four, but it should be extendable to a bigger number of booleans. Any other way to proceed is welcome. Answer Write

Count words in a string method?

I was wondering how I would write a method to count the number of words in a java string only by using string methods like charAt, length, or substring. Loops and if statements are okay! I really appreciate any help I can get! Thanks! Answer