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How to i compare two lists of different types in Java?

I have two lists: The first list is a list of MyObject which contains an int and a String: The second list is simply a list of strings: I want to compare the list of strings (personList) with string in the list of MyObject (myObjectList) and return a list of id’s with all the matches. So in the examle it

how to compare 2 set values in the same arraylist in java

I have an arraylist of employees. Within this the id and name are non changeable, while the hours contracted and planned are changeable. I have managed the first 3 questions stated below, but stuck on the last one. Besides the 3 Classe below, i also have the Class Workspace. I have the Class Employee. This exends to Class Specialist And

Count occurrences in 2D Array

I’m trying to count the occurrences per line from a text file containing a large amount of codes (numbers). Example of text file content: I want to compare a similar set of numbers that I get from a text field, for example: 9107,4405,2387,4499 The only result I’m looking for, is if it contains more than 2 numbers (per line) from

Best solution for an anagram check?

I’m going through a permutation/anagram problem and wanted input on the most efficient means of checking. Now, I’m doing this in Java land, and as such there is a library for EVERYTHING including sorting. The first means of checking if two string are anagrams of each other is to check length, sort them in some manner, then compare each index