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Tag: backtracking

Sudoku Backtracking with Solution Counter

Background I’ve implemented a sudoku-solver algorithm (backtracking) that looks like this: This solution is working fine (it can solve sudokus). What I try to achieve I now want to achieve that the algorithm tells me, whether there is only one solution or more solutions. What I’ve tried I tried to achieve my goal, by changing the return type to an

Knights tour – results in an infinite loop and i can’t figure out why

I’m trying to solve the knight’s tour problem using backtracking. I think the algorithm I have should work. I’ve tried but I can’t figure out why it isn’t working. It results in an infinite loop. However if I comment out the line that back track solutionBoard[dst.x][dst.y]=-1; it works! I just don’t understand why! Any help would be appreciated. Answer Your

Why is this called backtracking?

I have read in Wikipedia and have also Googled it, but I cannot figure out what “Backtracking Algorithm” means. I saw this solution from “Cracking the Code Interviews” and wonder why is this a backtracking algorithm? Answer “Backtracking” is a term that occurs in enumerating algorithms. You built a “solution” (that is a structure where every variable is assigned a