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Tag: arrays

How do I extract exact value from Json

Below Json I want to get only first mail value ( using java. Please anybody can suggest how do I extract exact value from below Json. Thanks in advance. Answer as they have already said json standard doesn’t impose ordering, so be careful

Find index in array based on given value

I have a sorted array of numbers with array length as n. For a given item k find index i in the sorted array where elements from index i to n are greater than the given item k. If there is no index present then return -1 This is my program: The time complexity of this approach is O(n), and

Java exception handling: JSONObject cannot convert JSONArray

After executeQuery, I’ve got some set of results in XML format. While checking xmlJSONObj.getJSONObject(“Root”).has(“AmountDtl”), I get an exception “JSONObject[“Root”] is not a JSONObject”. How to handle this exception? Answer In your case. You have If you convert it to JSONObject you get something like this. based on what you are saying you are getting an exception here: if (xmlJSONObj.getJSONObject(“Root”).has(“AmountDtl”)) getJSONObject

How to catch an out of bounds exception in Java and continue?

I am writing a program that converts a prefix expression to a postfix expression. For an expression like ” x-x-ABC+BA ” the program should throw an out of bounds exception, and the program should continue onto the next line (from the input document), I have managed to make it work for one expression like “x-x-ABC+BA”, but where there are two

How to return arraylist vertically

I am trying to return an array list vertically but I’m having some issues trying to implement it. Below is my code, and the return results; Output is what I’m trying to get to be vertically } My current output is [2, 4, -1] I’d like it to be Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance Answer Hi

Why is this image method returning a black image?

I am running the code below. What it is supposed to do is equalize an image passed into it. All the methods and variables run fine except for newPixelVal which is always zero. This then makes my image all black. I cannot figure out why this is returning 0. Answer Got it! The division carried out at newPixelVal is between