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Tag: android-studio

Android Studio FloatingActionButton error

I installed Android Studio yesterday, and after battling multiple java and other errors, I have come to an error that I cannot seem to fix. I have not added anything or done any code, I have simply just started a new project and I get this error in the Preview over the phone: Rendering Problems: Followed by a bunch of

How to convert String to its resource ID (Android Studio)

I have an xml string in my values/strings.xml file And I have the String “150” in my controller In my MainActivity, how can I convert that String to the resource ID of the pokemon_d String in the xml file? Is this even possible? Answer You can not get identifier by value, but you can make your identifier name look

Cannot import ksoap2 to Android Studio

I just added ksoap2 (actually it is ksoap2-android-assembly-3.4.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar) to app/libs folder. Also I have used the Project Structure window to add ksoap2 to the Dependencies tab. the Build.Gradle has this section Anyway I cannot import ksoap2 like Any clue? Answer At first, You should remove ksoap in Project Structure and do the steps bellow. I have same problem and here