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Jgit – checkout from a specific branch

I am using jgit. I want to create and checkout a new branch. I have seen the git.checkout.createnewbranch command. Is there a way to specify the base branch for the checkout, say “test” (or) we have to checkout,pull “test” first and then checkout/create the new branch from it? Answer Yes, it’s possible: Don’t forget to call git.close() or use try-with-resources

make async call using native JS in GWT app

I have a GWT app in which I have to include an JS function. So I am using the native interface to use the JS function in my JAVA code. This is my JS function But the problem with this is when I receive the Promise response via response.json(), it is still in pending state, so it never goes to

How to convert PNG to JPEG losslessly?

I’ve converted PNG to JPEG with both java and python PIL. Python code : For converting the Java code I used: below code shows me the exact value of each pixel: When I convert JPEG to PNG with both Python and JAVA the pixel values are exactly the same. But when its the other way around it seems like there

I want to use GraphViz in Maven project, but it fails: “class path contains multiple SLF4J providers” [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Edit the question to include desired behavior, a specific problem or error, and the shortest code necessary to reproduce the problem. This will help others answer the question. Closed 2 months ago. Improve this question I want to use grahpViz with Maven but got this exception: ` my

How exactly can someone without source code access exploit a non-final class that has a constructor which invokes overridable functions?

I’m trying to understand how exactly can someone that doesn’t already have access to the source code exploit a non-final class that has a constructor which invokes overridable functions (functions not marked final). This question comes from the fact that after scanning my source code with a Source Code Analyzer (Fortify), it showed a few findings about “Code Correctness: Constructor

Getting null value reference in One to Many mapping in Spingboot

I am trying to implement ONE-to-MANY mapping among two entities. In here designations have a location and a location have many designations. Once I added the designation it mapped fine, but it update the location table with null except id. Here I’m using the Microsoft SQL server. Application Properties DesignationMaster LocationMaster Service class of Designations Controller class of Designation I

Add unique elements in HashSet based on attributes of framework provided non-editable object classes

I am trying to generate a HashSet containing unique Employee instances. Uniqueness should be established based on the object properties. The problem is that I end up with having duplicates. Note that Employee class is provided by a framework, and it’s not possible to provide custom implementations for equals() and hashCode(). Employee class: This would result in a Set mapped