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Tag: yaml

Property file reading error in spring boot

Below is my yml file in spring boot app below value access is working file but when I try to access in below way it gives an error. I checked it gives error only when add “com.cloudimpl.outstack.runtime.EventRepositoryFactory” this part. How can I solve this?? Answer It doesn’t work so. You have list with values under “”. It means you can

YamlSlurper cannot parse Enum value

I have yaml: Parsing file using YamlSlurper: error: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to model.FlowType Is there a way to solve this? Answer The YAML slurper is a cute tool to quickly read a YAML file or string and deal with it to the degree, that you would use the other slurpers: get some basic data types inside lists and

How to flatten dynamic yaml file using java

I want to parse dynamic yaml files using java into HashMap and access them using dot syntax (i.e “a.b.d”) Given the following example.yml: And can fetch it as Any idea How we can achieve this? Answer As Thorbjørn said in a comment, a HashMap is probably not the correct data structure for representing a YAML file. You should try looking

map yaml config to a java hashmap

I have below in my yaml endpointWithType: {abc: ‘POST’, def: ‘GET’} I am map it in my spring bean as follow, @Value(“#{‘${endpointWithType}’}”) Map endpointWithType; …

Parse list of beans with snakeyaml

Is it possible to parse with snakeyaml the following content and obtain a List<Radio> (where Radio is the appropriate java bean) ? new Yaml().load(…); returns a List<HashMap>, but I’d like to get a List<Radio> instead. Answer The only way I know is to use a top object to handle the collection. Yaml file : I just added “—” , new