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Wicket 9.0 can’t figure out how to redirect to other page

How to redirect to other wicket page from onEvent(String event) method? All that which I’ve tried is commented out, so far nothing seems to work, tried mounting pages using mountPage method, yet no change. Is it event possible to redirect to other page from ajaxBehavior? Answer After some time, I realized that this was Authorization issue and that redirect works

Wicket: how to create ExternalLink with

Within a table cell, I have to create a Wicket ExternalLink that shows the response in a new browser tab. I’ve used this code (Wicket 7.9): But Wicket renders this: <div onclick=”window.location.href=’;request=GetCapabilities’;return false;” target=”_blank”>Caps</div> This doesn’t open a new tab. The tables HTML markup is generated by Wicket, so I can’t insert <td><a wicket:id=”link” href=”…”></a></td> in the corresponding markup. How