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Apache Wicket with Spring version dependencies

Is there any known version dependencies between Apache Wicket and Spring? Couldn’t find any from the Wicket or Wicket-Spring bridge documentation . For example can Wicket 7 be run with Spring 5, Wicket 9 with Spring 4 and so on. Answer Wicket 7.x uses Spring 4.1.x – Wicket 8.x uses Spring 4.3.x – Wicket 9.x uses Spring 5.3.x

Wicket 9.0 can’t figure out how to redirect to other page

How to redirect to other wicket page from onEvent(String event) method? All that which I’ve tried is commented out, so far nothing seems to work, tried mounting pages using mountPage method, yet no change. Is it event possible to redirect to other page from ajaxBehavior? Answer After some time, I realized that this was Authorization issue and that redirect works

ComponentHierarchyIterator alternative in Apache Wicket 9.2 version

I got stuck while doing migration of Apache Wicket 7.9 to 9.2 version. In 7.9 version, there is visitChildren (link) method which returns ComponentHierarchyIterator (link) based on clazz parameter. Both ComponentHierarchyIterator and the visitChildren method are deprecated in 7.9 and removed in latest versions. The documentation says to use Use {@link org.apache.wicket.util.visit.IVisitor} instead of ComponentHierarchyIterator. However, IVisitor is an interface

Wicket – how to refresh single row in a table with ajax

In my wicket application I have a table where each column of a row described by one bean. One of the column contains an ajax component that can change the values in the bean and therefore the values displayed in other columns. How can I update these columns without reloading the whole table? Now I use the following code: But

Wicket: how to create ExternalLink with

Within a table cell, I have to create a Wicket ExternalLink that shows the response in a new browser tab. I’ve used this code (Wicket 7.9): But Wicket renders this: <div onclick=”window.location.href=’;request=GetCapabilities’;return false;” target=”_blank”>Caps</div> This doesn’t open a new tab. The tables HTML markup is generated by Wicket, so I can’t insert <td><a wicket:id=”link” href=”…”></a></td> in the corresponding markup. How

Wicket dynamically add components to form

I’m having trouble adding components to a form dynamically. What I’m trying to do is: Give the user a drop-down list with items they can choose like name, age, … When a user presses add: there comes a (label + inputbox) in 1 component which allows them to put in the value. You might think I could hide those components

Wicket vs Vaadin

I am torn between Wicket and Vaadin. I am starting a micro-isv and need to make a choice of web framework. I have narrowed down my choices to Wicket and Vaadin. I have used both frameworks and I love them both. however I need to make a choice. If If I choose Vaadin: I wont have to worry much about