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Intellij cannot resolve method even though it is public (Java)

I have googled this a lot, invalidated the cache, and I can’t seem to find an answer. For background, this is a timetabling system using constraint solving. I have a custom class called Period with public methods getStart() and getEnd(). I also have an abstract class Constraint<V, D> and a subclass DemAvailConstratint<Demonstrator, Period>. It is in this subclass (and similarly

Method scope inside Java switch statement

In a rather loose way this question follows on from my previous one. The context here is building Android APKs with Phonegap CLI configured, via build-extras.gradle to use Java 7. Here is my code I am having some difficulty understanding two issues here As far as I can tell even without that last return I have defined a clear path

What happens between setVisible() and a component being painted?

I have a JScrollPane that contains a JPanel which then contains some custom components which are an extension of JPanel (they are all the same type). This JScrollPane is set invisible before the containing JFrame is shown. When the user selects a JCheckBox I use setVisible() to show the scroll pane. The first time the pane is shown however there

Why can attributes in Java be public?

As everybody knows, Java follows the paradigms of object orientation, where data encapsulation says, that fields (attributes) of an object should be hidden for the outer world and only accessed via methods or that methods are the only interface of the class for the outer world. So why is it possible to declare a field in Java as public, which